Istituto Nazionale di Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte

The Unfinished Construction Site

North of the theater there is an area notable for the presence of eight moulded blocks of limestone, these being in a row and in unfinished condition. This is an ancient workshop, where the stonemasons suddenly interrupted their work, leaving the stone in an unfinished state. On the surface of the blocks, which must have been destined for a monumental building currently unknown, one recognizes traces of various types of chisels used to work the stone. It is very likely that the ancient site dates back to the age of the Social War, when the sanctuary ceased to perform its core functions; this would explain the abrupt interruption of the stonemasons’ work and the reason why the blocks were finally abandoned. Recent excavations have brought to light new walls, floors and a well for drawing up water; it would seem highly probable that it was a permanent building, intended as a workshop for those craftsmen constantly engaged in the production of lithic material destined for the sanctuary.