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The area of the tabernae develops between the theater-temple A and temple B complex and it is composed of two parallel terraces. The highest terrace corresponds to the earliest frequency of attendance and includes two little sanctuaries (the first half of the second century B.C.) It is built on a raised platform and aligned with that of temple A. The two sanctuaries were destroyed by lightning, this being figuratively buried in a lithic box at the foot of the platform, along with numerous sacred materials and strongly burnt animal bones. The practice of the ritual burial of lightning, attested among the Etruscans, allowed the preservation of the "heavenly fire", deposited by lightning on the Earth. The result of this ritual burying was the second lowest platform, aligned with the portico of the theater. In Roman times, tabernae were built on the highest terrace; they opened onto a long porch with columns. Between the late third and early fourth century A.D. the arcade was closed; the areas so created were used for residential purposes or as warehouses or shops. During the fourth century A.D. a fire permanently destroyed said structures.

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