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Temple B

The temple B stands on a high podium behind the theater and they together constitute a monumental complex built according to a unified project. The presence of numerous inscriptions has rendered possible the identification of the state of the Samnites as those who commissioned this large building project. The largest temple structure in the Sannio has on the long sides two terraces with colonnades. The pronaos, unusually elongated, has four frontal columns with Corinthian capitals. A central staircase connects the temple to a paved floor, where the altars stand. The building consists of three cellae: the central one extends to the bottom wall, while the two lateral cellae stand apart creating two areas in which the treasures were kept. The cellae had a white mosaic pavement while that of the pronaos was removed and reused in the church of S. Maria Assunta in the village of Pietrabbondante.

Sostieni gli Scavi di Pietrabbondante

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